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Time to Move Away from the DIY Business Model

Utah has one of the highest rates of DIYers. Which is great if you are working on home projects but when it comes to your business its likely best to hire a professional. Why? Keyword there is professional.

Moving offices? Companies like Unique Deliveries specialize in white glove moving and ensure you that your office furniture will be delivered and installed correctly. It’s a bad day in the office when a desk falls apart because you tried to do it yourself and you have extra screws leftover.

Traveling for business? Call Hess Corporate Travel. When an employee is traveling for your company you are legally responsible for the safety and well being of that employee. It’s called Duty of Care. Not only do companies like Hess provide a Duty of Care plan but they offer virtual credit cards, cost savings reports and of course all your travel planning and booking.

Want more business but not ready to hire a marketing team? Hire a smaller marketing agency such as The Moxie Agency. In the rapidly changing marketing world full of SEO, SEM, Ad Spend branding and more you can lose more hours than you have available trying to set up an effective social media ad or email drip campaign.

Stay ahead of the curve and hire a professional. Save yourself the headache. You’ll be grateful you did!

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