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The Power of the World Wide Web

We all know the importance of the internet by now; or at least we should, it is 2019 for

crying out loud. It has been around for almost 30 years. Yeah. That’s crazy! So, unless you’ve been living under a rock we’ve all searched something on the internet before. We also know that technology and the digital world is so fast moving, therefore we need to make sure our businesses keep up with the times. This now leads into the discussion on how to have a good website and how that can enhance your business.

First impressions are key:

For many customers your website could be the first look at what your business has to offer. You want it to be a good representative. By having a clean, professional, well organized website the customer is bound to associate that with your business and brand as well.

8 seconds

8 seconds. That’s all you get. That’s what the average consumer’s attention span is. Therefore, you need something enticing, a hook, something to catch their attention.

Less in More

This is referring to amount of words you are putting on a page. While corresponding to the earlier point, 8 seconds is the attention span, people are always on the go; so everyone wants their information and their questions answered now. No one wants to sit and read through paragraph after paragraph. You can write a nice paragraph on what your business is about in an “about’ tab, but the first page of the website should be short and sweet.

User friendly:

If your website is easy to use and quick to find information needed; more consumers are going to be willing to turn to it for answers! This will allow more traffic to your business allowing new customers to see your contact information and call directly through the website. All this is important information to remember, by having a website at all, it makes you look legit. This will help users trust your brand and want to give you their business.

Here at the Moxie Agency we have the experience, knowledge, and staff to get you on the map!

Written by: Nina Paulos, Our freaking awesome Intern

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