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The Holidays Are Coming - Time to Refine Your Marketing Plan

As we get ready to dive headfirst into another holiday season, it’s time for small business owners like yourself to think about ways they can get attention in the midst of the glimmering glamor of the season. Today’s guide will help you do just that.

Make Sure Your Online Presence Is Up to Date

Even if you're a small business owner of a brick and mortar, there’s a good chance that you sell online. Make sure that your website is ready. The Moxie Agency can help you get up and running with an ideal SEO plan so that you can capture the most attention. Need help with branding? We’ve got you covered here as well.

Create Gift Guides

Gift guides are an excellent way to not only showcase what you have but also inspire your customers to purchase complementary items, which you can bundle together for a small discount. This is not simply creating a catalog. Your gift guide should be tailored to specific demographics, such as employees, spouses, children, or friends.

Engage on Social Media

Having a website and a print/digital gift guide is not enough. Promote yourself online with a free tool like this one that allows you to make memes that will have your customers chuckling as they click the buy button. Memes are fairly easy to create with a template, and they come with the added benefit of allowing you to showcase your humor with customers that “get” you.

Give Things Away

Your ultimate goal is to turn a profit, but the holidays are the giving season. Give your customers an opportunity to win discounts or exciting new products. If you’re using social media, make sure that you read all of the rules and regulations and, importantly, emphasize that no purchase is necessary.

Work With Other Local Businesses

Your neighbors do more than drive traffic to your overall area. The other businesses in your community can serve as valuable partners in helping to bring attention to your company. If you are a custom clothing store, you might partner with a local jewelry maker to offer special deals to customers who shop both stores. Fundbox explains one of the best ways to establish relationships with other business owners is to join industry groups or simply get involved in your community.

Come Up With Something Unique

In a day and age where it’s exponentially easy to jump online (Hello, Etsy!) and download a file for products that you want to make, remember that everyone is doing the same. Make sure that you come up with unique products, which begin with talking to your customers. It can also help to offer specialized, small-batch products that are branded to tell a story.

Have a Holiday Open House

A holiday open house is an excellent opportunity to showcase the best of your business with your current and future customers. Schedule it for a Friday or Saturday afternoon/evening, and make sure that you give everyone about a month’s notice so that they can plan accordingly. Make sure to have plenty of finger foods on hand, and don’t forget coffee or adult beverages.

All industries are competitive. That does not mean that you can’t carve out your fair share of the holiday market. Between launching your website, creating custom guides, engaging on social media, and the other tips listed above, you should have no problem keeping your profits in the black well into the new year.

Get your website up and running with the best in digital marketing and SEO. Contact The Moxie Agency today for more information.

Written by Elena Stewart

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