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4 Ways to Make Sure Your Website is Optimized for Growth

No matter what industry you're in, an effective website is a must. The site needs to attract new customers as well as engage with the ones you have. It can cost almost nothing or a website can be a significant expense. If you think of it as a necessity and are smart about upfront costs, a good website can really pay off.

Whether starting from scratch or upgrading the current site, keep these four essentials in mind, presented below by The Moxie Agency.

1. Easily Managed E-commerce System

Authorizing your website to take customer payments is vital to business growth. A few e-commerce platforms are out there, so take time to explore a system that you can feature in your online payment system or app. It should work for your business while being user-friendly for your customers or, better yet, integrate into a financial API bank account balance checker. A solid e-commerce platform lets you avoid hefty credit card fees, and your customers appreciate knowing they have funds available to make payments.

2. Integrated ERP and CRM Systems

Enterprise resource planning is a method of managing important business processes. Companies use ERP software to integrate process planning in one central location. It can help improve communication between departments by providing a single information hub.

Customer relationship management is a technology that manages your interactions and relationships with customers. It can help you streamline sales processes and maintain connections with your buyers.

To better integrate the two systems, as well as e-commerce systems, consider how process mapping can help. Process mining can determine the costs of any problems found, outline possible solutions, and help you make confident data-driven decisions. Take advantage of robotic process mining to:

• Improve efficiency

• Help employees work together

• Consolidate data

• See the customer's whole picture

Getting your website to work with your internal tools also benefits your business. By integrating your systems, you can:

• Help the sales process go quicker

• Gather more accurate customer data

Nurture customer relationships

• Improve the customer experience

Studies show that 68% of consumers stop doing business because of perceived indifference. Integrating your internal and external tools, and optimizing processes, helps you work better with customers.

3. User-Friendly Website

Customers don't have the time or patience to stick around your website if they have trouble using or understanding it. Make sure you keep them happy by making your website engaging and convenient. Satisfied customers can be your best advertisers.

Your customers have the need for speed. So should your website. According to research, 40% of consumers give up on a website that takes longer than three seconds to load.

Not only should your site be quick, you need to use color wisely. Your color choices should complement your business. A financial institution may lean toward neutral colors that convey maturity and stability, while a daycare benefits from primary colors that reflect playfulness and positivity.

There is definitely an art to effective website design, so while there are simple drag-and-drop tools for making your own, seriously consider outsourcing this critical task. This free online website design cost calculator can help you anticipate costs, then reach out to The Moxie Agency for a site that will help you meet your goals.

4. Increased Conversions

Once you get people to your website, you want them to become customers. One way to do that is to add specific calls to action. Consumers may need some guidance on what to do once they arrive at your site. CTAs can help them. Adding buttons or links that say, "Call us today" or "Download our e-book now" directs consumers to your product or service.

You don't want to overwhelm consumers, though. Offer a limited amount of choices so that they have a clear path to your product. Your copy should be easy to read, providing concise information in a font that's easy to see.

A great website is your online front door. When you optimize it for growth, your company is poised for success now and in the future.

A little lost in the lingo? Don’t try to do it all yourself. Working with The Moxie Agency is like having your own marketing department at a fraction of the cost. Get your free SEO report today!

Written by Elena Stewart

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