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Full Service Marketing Agency

About The Moxie Agency

We specialize in working with companies that need a marketer but aren't in a position to hire a full time Marketing Director.


We offer everything your company needs in order to have a successful marketing department without the hassle of hiring, insuring and paying the taxes on an employee. We are the best bang for your buck!

Our business module is unique. We only take on a specific number of clients.  Why? This ensures that the quality of our work is always on point, companies are never overlooked and we can create the perfect strategy for each company we partner with. Partner with us and Add a Dash of Moxie!

Full service marketing agency
Jami Furniss

A true marketer at heart! Jami has a vast knowledge for sales and marketing and continue to stay up to date on the latest and greatest trends in this continually changing field.

Jami uses a smart and sassy approach to marketing with 15 years B2B and B2C experience in building successful and profitable marketing efforts for large and small organizations. Her focus is on helping companies understand how to optimize their marketing and align their organization to accelerate revenue.

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